Barry Greenstein Bio

Barry Greenstein Bio
Barry Greenstein Bio Screen name Barryg1
Barry Greenstein Photo Barry Greenstein started his poker career much like many other players. First
he got into the game to chase money and to make himself a living. Later in life
the game became a way for him to give back to those that were less fortunate. […]

Joe Sebok Steps up and gets burned
Joe Sebok Steps up and gets burned If anyone knows anything about online poker
they are aware of the Ultimate bet and Absolute Poker scandals. Unfortunately
due to his choices in recent days
people in the poker community also know Joe Sebok. Sebok is an Ultimate Bet Poker Pro. In recent days
FatalError a former friend […]

Hawaii to legalize Poker?
The legal world of poker is watching the beautiful islands of Hawaii very closely. There is a bill facing the Hawaiian senate that would alter the face of Hawaiian gaming operations and have a significant impact on the US market. Potentially
the bill could become the stepping stone to challenge the UIGEA directly. This would […]